Ways to Help Refugees No Matter What Governments Do

welcome sign at skala

A camp near the coast of Lesvos, Greece.  Photo taken in March 2016.

While politicians and protestors make their votes and voices heard, there are always ongoing ways to serve refugees.

Whether a government welcomes refugees, waits, or refuses, there are always opportunities to help the millions of refugees living in camps all over the world.  Some estimate the average stay in a refugee camp is 17 years.  So, don’t let noise and headlines distract you from what has always been an great need in our world.


Here are some agencies doing amazing work for refugees and ways you can help:

In camps around the world:

World Relief:  Whether Africa, Asia, the Middle East or United States, World Relief is there.   You can donate, adopt a refugee family, or go international to serve with them. Check them out at www.worldrelief.org

Euro Relief:  Euro Relief is a wonderful organization with opportunities to serve directly in camps in Greece.  We have sent 2 teams to serve with them and have had a wonderful experience both times.  http://eurorelief.net/

Samaritan’s Purse: SP is working in camps in Greece and Croatia as well as working with partners in Macedonia, Serbia and Hungary.  Check them out at www.samaritanspurse.org 

Conscience International:  If there is a crisis around the world, chances are CI is responding.  They work in camps in Greece and with squatter camps in Turkey as well as projects in other countries.  Check them out at www.conscienceinternational.org

In Clarkston, Ga.:

New Home – New Hope: NHNH is on the ground, day in and day out with refugees living in Clarkston.  It is a highly relational way to serve refugees, not just a programmatic one.  Donate furniture.  Teach English.  Donate specific ethnic foods.  Just visit and get to know families.  Refugees need friends as much or more than anything else.  Check them out at  www.newhome-newhope.org

Friends of Refugees:  This is a stellar organization serving refugees in a wide variety of ways.  Volunteer.  Intern.  Lots of ways to serve.  Check them out at www.friendsof refugees.com

Refuge Coffee, Co.:  Hosting an event, why not have a coffee truck?  Refuge Coffee Company hires and trains refugees for the coffee business.  Check them out at http://refugecoffeeco.com

StartMe:  Help refugees start their own businesses!  Become a mentor and help refugees achieve their dreams.  Check them out at www.startmeaccelerator.org

Public schools:  Call up one of the schools in Clarkston and offer to volunteer.  They are often an overlooked area of need as people tend to focus on the apartments and refugee families.


Ep 10 – A Family Moves to Greece to Serve Refugees

To some it seemed like a risky decision.  To others it was inspiring.  But for Jeremy and Marianna, the choice to move with their two young boys to serve refugees on the island of Lesvos just seemed like the next right thing to do.

In this interview, you will hear Jeremy and Marianna talk about life on the island, their role in the refugee camps, and what its like to serve as a family.  They plan to stay for at least three months but are prepared for longer if necessary.

To follow their adventures, check out www.hollomanfamily.com