Ep 15 – Preparing the Soil: Helping Liberian Cocoa Farmers be Fruitful

In this episode you will hear from three people who recently returned from visiting a rural Liberian village.  While there, they shared the gospel, discipled believers, trained teachers, dedicated the Mack and Pattie Hannah library, provided health education, and listened to local Cocoa farmers talk about what they need to be successful.

Out of those conversations, a vision has developed for a Christ-centered Cocoa Processing Facility that has the potential to change the lives of many families in the Gbansue village.

Check out episodes 6 & 7 of the Mission Life podcast for an interview with Jessy Togbadoya, founder of the Balama Development Alliance, the ministry featured in this podcast.

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Signs that Ebola may be in Decline

From Jessy in Liberia…

I personally want to thank all friends of BDA for their prayers support to Liberia and the countinent of Africa. God has heard and answered our prayers!

United Nations reports that Nigeria and Sensgal are now Ebola free. In Liberia, the number of Ebola cases has has plummeted in Lofa County where Ebola initially entered Liberia.

Also, the Ebola center at John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital is now closed with reduced reported at ELWA center and Island Clinic on Bushord.

Thanks for praying for the people of Liberia.


Rev. Jessy Togba-doya, MBA, MAcc, M.Div.
Executive Director,
Balama Development Alliance Inc.

“I expect to pass through life but once; and if there is any kindness I can show to a fellow being, let me do it now and not defer or neglect as I shall not pass this way again.” –William Penn

Training Villagers to Fight Ebola

Jessy and his team made it to the villages of Gbansue and Balama to train villagers this past week.  Then they returned to Monrovia after the meetings.

The team sent the following as an update:

From Harrison who is on the Balama Development Alliance Ebola Response Team and lives in Gbansue:

“On behalf of the people of Gbansue we send our thank you and appreciation to you and the entire team for your contribution on the fight against Ebola virus disease in our country. As GOD allowed us and as Jessy arrived in the country with those items we were successful in the training to tell our people about the deadly EVD. They were all appreciative and happy as well. These are some of the pictures of the awareness that we carry on in Gbansue and Balama.”
The Ebola Response Team

The BDA Ebola Response Team

Ms. Esther, a nurse in the Gbanuse who is committed to helping possible Ebola patients even though many other nurses and doctors are afraid to do so.

Ms. Esther, a nurse in the Gbansue clinic who is committed to helping possible Ebola patients even though many other nurses and doctors are afraid to do so. With Jessy Togbadoya, Director of Balama Development Alliance.

A member of the Ebola Response Team

A member of the Ebola Response Team

Unloading supplies for families

Unloading supplies for families

clorox demonstration

Demonstrating how much Clorox to use to kill the virus. Clorox is in high demand.

Update from Liberia



An extra tire comes in handy in Liberia

An update from Jessy in Liberia:

After a week-long training and learning about Ebola: how the disease is spread, how it can be prevented, and how to prepare chlorine and clorox solution for disinfecting and washing hands; we left Monrovia this morning to launch an Ebola awareness campaign in Gbansue, Bong County. (on the border of Liberia and Guinea)

The distance from Monrovia to Gbansue is about nine hours of a shaky, shaky drive; but with one flat tire already sustained, it may take us eleven hours of drive time.

Thankfully, we have a mechanic on the team and some bread and spam for the road:). Laya is repairing our first flat tire. Pray for the team.


The Commandments of Ebola


Here is an update from our friend and servant of Christ, Jessy Togbadoya, who has bravely returned to Liberia to help protect his village from Ebola…

Hello Friends,
I arrived Monrovia last night and doing well. It took me three days to travel from Atlanta to Monrovia. The flight was routed through Washington Dulles, Brussels, Casablanca to Monrovia.

The BDA team in Monrovia greeted me with the basic commandments of Ebola:
1. Do not shake hands;
2. Do not hug;
3. Do not eat food with someone from the same bowl;
4. Do not play doctor when someone is sick…

These commandments may sound easy for someone from the west to implement, but is very challenging for Liberian people who are “touchy feely” and accustom to communial way of life. Please pray for God to give us the grace to implement these commandments. Amen.