Why Didn’t I think of This?

Sometimes you come across an invention so useful, so practical, you wonder why you didn’t think of it first.

Like this.  So many uses.  I especially like the church and meetings option.

Good to know it works in Europe!

This will make a great Christmas gift.  From our friends at prankpack.com


A Funny Example of Trying to Appear Smart

A little fun on a Friday…

You might have seen this one already, but as part of President’s Day, Jimmy Kimmel sent out a camera to interview people’s reactions to the death of FDR.

(FDR would have been 132!)

This is a hilarious example of how we

1) sometimes don’t think about what we are hearing
2) go to great (and funny!) lengths to not appear ignorant!

I just wished I had followed FDR on Twitter.  Sounds like he was a funny guy…

Fun on Friday

Just a little fun on a Friday

I was out buying some groceries last night (No, seriously.  It’s true.)

Did a double take when I saw this fruit.

I love it when my fruit tastes like ‘heart.’

My 8 year old son got a big kick out of this one.  “What does grenade taste like?”  
That’s one manly fruit flava!
I was looking for some 50 caliber bananas though.
Hope you had a great week! 

Join the Ministry that Counts the Most!

Just a little fun on a Friday…

I’ve promoted a lot of service opportunities over the years, but there is one that I’ve never heard advertised.

Here’s to all those brave men and women who faithfully week in and week out make sure everyone gets counted in church! 

Can you count over 100?

Have you ever thought of using that skill to serve God?

Do you find yourself counting while in church?  Maybe counting the tiles on the floor or the receipts in your wallet?  Or counting the ‘likes’ on your latest Facebook post?

If this describes you, then you should join the counting ministry!

Yes, that’s right, every week men and women just like you use their fingers and toes for the glory of God!

You may not realize it, but while you are busy counting the minutes on the clock, others are counting heads in the sanctuary.

Row by row they slowly saunter up and down the aisles.  You might not otherwise see what they are doing except for the subtle movements of their lips as they count 43, 44, 45….

Now, before you sign up, you should know that the counting ministry is not for everyone.  There are risks like…

  • losing count when someone gets up to go to the restroom,
  • counting someone more than once,
  • or having to recount!  That’s the worst!

Even the most skilled counting veterans face these challenges.

But, these are extreme situations.

If this is not enough to persuade you, consider what one volunteer had to say…

“I can remember how nervous I was my first day in the counting ministry.  I was just a rookie.  Would I forget how to count?  What if I lost count?  Would the others on the team make fun of me?  Then, I remembered who I was doing this for and a peace came over me.  Now counting is the only thing I do in church!” —Counting ministry volunteer

The bottom line is this…people count at church!  And you could be one of them!

Join the team you can count on!  Join the counting ministry!