Thank you for poking around this site.  

My name is Jeff and among many other things, I oversee the global and community outreach of a church in suburban Atlanta.  I get paid to help people discover how God wants to use them in service to others!  

Plus, I have the privilege of meeting some amazing people here and around the world.  Through these experiences I have found that good travels. 

We might think of exotic places to go one day, to check some destination off our ‘bucket list.’  But, I have found that all over the world there are incredible people doing amazing things to bring the new life of Christ and joy to others.

That’s what I write about plus a lot of other stuff.  Here and there I even try to be funny.

To get the conversation started, I recommend you check out the following posts:

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Why Would Anyone Want to Attend Your Church?

Plus, just feel free to browse around.  Mi bloga es su bloga.  

11 Random Things About Me

  1. I am a husband to a wife who is my best friend and always keeps me grounded. 
  2. I am a dad to two awesome kids
  3. I love eating mall pretzels with my kids.
  4. My family and I served 3 years in an apartment complex developing wonderful friendships with people from all over the world – India, Africa, Korea, Ukraine, and even Mississippi!
  5. Through my work for our church, I have had the privilege of visiting 17 countries and meeting many amazing people
  6. I am a procrastinator – why do tomorrow, what you can do the day after?!
  7. I once wanted to write a book with a friend called “Christianity for Slackers” but we never got around to it.
  8. I perform my own stuntsno doubles here!   
  9. I love playing bball – although after 45 seasons (over 11 years) playing with my buds we only have 3 championships to boast about.  But, boy do I boast about them!
  10. I believe the kingdom of God is what we are all searching for and Jesus offers us that kind of life.
  11. I am humble and love to brag about that. 

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