Ep 19 – African Americans and Missions

These are the stories of lesser known heroes in the history of missions. Many have heard of William Carey and Lottie Moon. But before Adonirum Judson, there was an African American named George Liele.

Earl African American missionaries and the experiences of African Americans in missions today. That’s the topic on this episode of the Mission Life Podcast.

Featuring: Richard Coleman, former Director of Mobilization and Candidacy for TMS Global

Names mentioned in the podcast:
Benjamin Johnson
Michael Johnson – Surgeon in Kenya for 20 years, “Making the Blind Man Lame”
Jim Southerland – PhD in African Americans in Missions http://www.rmni.org

Ambassadors Fellowship – African American Sending Agency in Colorado Springs
TMS Global
Wycliffe Bible Translators
SEND International

Profiles of African American Missionaries – William Carey Library
Biography of Lott Carey – “From Slave to Governor”
Hosie Burks – “A New Man” “Timbuktu Revisited”
Montrose Waite – “The Man Who Couldn’t Wait”


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