When Syrian Refugees Move In Next Door

Last fall, our attention was fixed on the refugee crisis in Europe.  Now, we are focused on the election but refugees are still making the dangerous journey to Europe and are coming to the USA.

In fact, since January, nearly 85,000 refugees have made their way into Europe.  And, several Syrian families have made their home in Clarkston.

In this episode of the podcast, Scott and Jenna share their experience of having a Syrian family over for Thanksgiving and what they have learned about the experience of Syrians as refugees in Europe and now the USA.

Here are notes from the conversation:

Q:  Jenna, you just returned from serving refugees in Greece.  What did you learn?
A: There was not a single Syrian who had not lost someone in the fighting. Everyone had seen death.  I met many families and children suffering the effects of war.

Q:  Why aren’t other Muslim countries taking them in?
A:   The refugees don’t have opportunity in camps, they have no future there.  They want to go to countries where they can eventually make a life for themselves and their children.  Muslim countries that have shut their doors might be doing so because they are concerned with economic and political instability which might arise from an influx of refugees.

Q:  Describe the Syrian families you have met here and how you have engaged them in friendship.

A:  First, those here now have not fled recently. They have been in the pipeline for many years already.

  • Refugees in Europe are known as asylum seekers.
  • Currently when refugees seek asylum in Europe they forfeit their right to come to the USA.
  • To reach out, just invite people into the normal rhythms of your life. You don’t have to make it a big production or do something outside your normal routine.

Scott serves with Global Frontier Missions in Clarkston.  For more information on GFM, visit www.globalfrontiermissions.org

For another interview with someone who has personally been involved in serving refugees in Europe, check out episode 5 of the Mission Life podcast “From the Front Lines of the Refugee Crisis”

Thanks for visiting!  Check back in four weeks for part 2 of my conversation with Scott and Jenna.  Between now and then I will be leading a team to serve in Greece so I won’t be posting on my normal schedule.


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